True Balance App Download - Referral Code Free Recharge Earn Money

True Balance App Download - Referral Code Free Recharge Earn Money

What is True Balance App ?

True Balance app is a mobile balance checking, recharge and money earning app. True Balance app has the ability to check your sim card balance in just one tap. With True Balance app, you can also recharge your and other mobile number. This app gives you an opportunity to earn money online and free recharge. 


True Balance app download 

True balance app recently launch recharge membership. when you take recharge membership you automatically become Golden Member. We will talk later about this. freely True balance app download here.
To get free Rs. 20 balance use True balance referral code 27K4UBDW 
Download & Install-> Download App 
Here we are providing True balance invitation link code to you. with True balance invitation link code you can earn directly Rs. 20 free. Link Given above and down. 
If you want to use True balance referral code , Here is true balance referral code27K4UBDW 

How to install True balance app ?

Simply follow these step to download & Install True Balance app -
  1. First install the app from true balance invitation link ->  Download App
  2. After Install,Now choose app language

  3. In this step we have to set up app's auto mobile balance checking service, for this click on Go to Find

  4. Now we have to click on True Balance and ON it. After that as shown in picture click on OK button.

  5. Now you have to register on app. For registration fill your mobile number, password and Referral code [if not fill]- 27K4UBDW

  6. Now click on Register button and you have created your account successfully

How to Earn Money From True Balance app ? 

You can earn money from true balance app in different different ways. 
Way to earn money from True Balance app -

  1. Refer & Earn - This is the simple method of earning money from true balance app. You have to refer your invitation link or refer code to your family and friends. More you refer, more you earn. When you become Golden member, you can earn cashback from followers and their's followers. 
  2. Install apps - you can earn amount by installing apps. just download & install apps and earn money.

What is True Balance Recharge Membership / Gold Member ?

Recharge Membership or Gold Member is a plan that is introduced by True Balance. Recharge Membership makes true balance best online recharge service. In this Membership you become a Gold Member which has a lot of benefit over normal member.

How to get Recharge Membership or become Gold Member ?

For getting Recharge membership you have to purchase or recharge of Rs. 500 in a month. After recharging Rs 500 you will get Rs 100 instant bonus and you automatically become Gold Member.

What are the benefits of Recharge Membership / Gold Member ?

After become Gold Member, You get Following benefits -
(A.) Direct Benefits - 
  1. Rs 100 instant bonus cashback
  2. 15 % cashback on every recharge.
(B.) Follower Benefits -
  1. Follower Gold Bonus- Rs 15 bonus when your follower become Gold Member.
  2. Follower's follower Gold Bonus - Rs 10 bonus when your follower's follower become Gold Member.
  3. Follower cashback - 4% cashback on purchase/recharge of your follower
  4. Follower's follower cashback - 2% cashback on purchase of your follower's followers